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Some dragon types HAVE FUR . Some dragons act like CATS .
Some dragons have faces near identical to a dog or a cat
Some Dragons look a bit like a overgrown cat nearly like almost identical , minus minor diferences

In some universe if it flies it is big enought was cosidered dangerous enought to be in that categorie .

If the Sub species can do something that a dragon can do as well ,
like I don''t know fire breath , or magic , than why not is more than the specific race if other can mimic the same .

or share a bit information something more diferent than just FUR . AND BAT WINGS , And Feline looking .

Because ALL OF THAT IS SO MURKY AND Blurry Please TELL ME Can that Sub race of whatever that can do that Dragon , dragon like creaturres can not do . Magic , some dragons can do , unless if you are more specific .
Elemental Breath , Which elemental breath , which type/types that a dragoncan not Replicate

IF A DRAGON COULD REPLICATE , THAT IS A SKILL That dragon,some dragons or even other users could replicate , or skill that dragon or some dragons just do not know it can do and replicate

Dude, that's silly. Kirin have scales, yeah, but that's not enough to say they're dragon-luke, same with shadewings having bat wings. They're feline-shaped, not dragon-shaped, and apart from the wings, and some breeds having scales, that's not enough to classify them as dragons.

Than what ar shadewings . They are DRAGON LIKE in the ppicture so are there and so would be Kirin because have dragon parts from dragons .

Shadewings are not dragons.

Thank you for adding my story!
Really appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 599 - 603 of 603
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