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Changelings are highly advanced and use Androids that have been Soul Melded with a number of the races of the world since birth as a way to collect love. Now just keep the curious and clumsy away from the sensitive systems and everything will be OK.

AN/ May go up in rating and will add anymore tags as needed
sex tag is for language and jokes

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I can't remember, what happened in September.

Don't you just... love how a good song can create... gloriously magnificent... inspiration

A/N As I was trying to go to sleep my brain went "no, you write now"

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Discord, Princess Cozy Glow's personal student, goes to the city of Ponyville to prepare for the Summer Sun Celebration. He was not prepared to go after ancient artifacts with a group of friends and defeat an ancient evil. This is only the beginning, isn't it? Good thing Opalescence, the dragon he hatched, is always good company.

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