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A cliched story of turning into a child in Equestria.

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A story of a girl in a situation she doesn't know how to deal with and a Centaur that just wants to live his life.

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Dress up as Bakugo Katsuki. Go to anime convention. Be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Years pass and I make a name as a mercenary with a temper and a want to play hero. Aside from that? Nothing much, got a home in a place called Appleloosa that I haven't been back to in around a year or so. But now, now I'm fighting a war thanks to an asshole trying to take over the world and being 'offered' a job by the royalty of the land.

I still get to blow things up so what ever. The only thing I can say that I want is my original gender.


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My name used to be Joshua, I was someone who made cosplay props and sold them for a decent price.

At every convention I would go to to sell my items I would dress as some form of merchant from one game or another and primary sell items that that character was likely to carry, even if it was from a completely different game as long as it made sense that they would have it.

At the last convention I went to I decided that I would dress as Nox The Unfortunate from Wizard of Legend and therefor would only sell items that were cursed in the game they came from.

Now thanks to selling the wrong thing to the wrong person me and my entire stock are in a new world, I AM Nox The Unfortunate, all the items I have ever made are here with me and real, and the ones that were never cursed are now cursed.

The good thing? Every thing I sell has a warning on it so I can't get in trouble for selling cursed items for any price, and I do mean any price... You don't need your soul, right?

Apparently this got featured 8/28/19... What? How?

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Timber Wolves, an anomaly most would say. But most don't realize that there are other beings made of wood as well. Theirs the Timber Jack or Wooden Rabbit, The Timber Bear, and many others of the animals that inhabit the Everfree Forest. There has even been the story's of a bark skinned Hydra.

But only in myths are there stories of intelligent beings of timber. Never has there been a Timber Minotaur. Never has there been a Timber Zebra.

And never has there been a Timber Pony.

Or so is believed.

(More tags will be added as needed)

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The year is 4025 and I am product number 9000304201-511732 or Silver as my owner calls me.

Only one of these things is still true.

Hi, my name is Silver. Silver Belle.

I have no clue if this needs more tags or not.

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Test are not fun. This is something I learned the hard way. I also greatly dislike that Dr. from the Power Lottery.

"Ah, there you are 63720985. I've been looking for you. We have more test to run after all."

"Oh Faust no, RUN!"

Crossovers will be welcome but they will be infrequent as I intend to focus more on the story its self

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Changelings are highly advanced and use Androids that have been Soul Melded with a number of the races of the world since birth as a way to collect love. Now just keep the curious and clumsy away from the sensitive systems and everything will be OK.

AN/ May go up in rating and will add more tags as needed.

Also, important note. Pony ageing is somewhere between human and real life equines in this world. Example, Twilight is 16 in the story and that would be the equivalent of early 20's for humans.

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I can't remember, what happened in September.

Don't you just... love how a good song can create... gloriously magnificent... inspiration

A/N As I was trying to go to sleep my brain went "no, you write now"

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Discord, Princess Cozy Glow's personal student, goes to the city of Ponyville to prepare for the Summer Sun Celebration. He was not prepared to go after ancient artifacts with a group of friends and defeat an ancient evil. This is only the beginning, isn't it? Good thing Opalescence, the dragon he hatched, is always good company.

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