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Twilight Sparkle is attending a Nightmare Night party. She's brought along her boyfriend, Ferdinand von Aegir.

Discord has questions, comments, and concerns.

Happy Nightmare Night, everyone.

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Luna is seldom awake during the day. But today she can't sleep.

Her dreams have brought something to light, something once buried in shadow. Something she needs to discuss with her sister.

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Apple Bloom wonders why every creature speaks the same language.

The Crusaders will not rest until they have answers.

Set between Season 7 and Season 8. Somewhat of a companion piece to The Pranking Manual. Reading that story is not necessary to read this one, as it is only mentioned briefly.

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It's just one week until the Junior Speedsters Pre-Grad Race, and Rainbow Dash is VERY excited!!

Now if she can make it through a week of bullying, grades, and injuries without giving up, she'll be all set to win that shiny gold medal.

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Fillies don't usually go to Tartarus.

Celestia didn't want there to be an exception.

But Cozy Glow wouldn't let Celestia be merciful, no matter how hard she tried.


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T'was the night before Hearth's Warming
And deep in the castle
Two sisters are resting
From holiday hassle
Their gift was prepared
The party's tomorrow
But without their teacher
There will be much sorrow
Days ago he was sent
With the Pillars to fight
They hope he'll be back
Before Hearth's Warming Night.

NOTE: The story itself is prose. I just felt like writing the description as a poem just for the heck of it.

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When Equestria's most trusted newspaper, the Canterlot Chronicles, receives a request to run a very unusual article, the manager, Proper Press, reluctantly agrees to follow along. The pony who wrote the article is unknown, but they have a very well known alias: Gabby Gums.

But this time, Gabby is determined to change the way ponies look at their leaders in a different way. Instead of spreading gossip, she's recruiting the citizens of Equestria to ask those leaders themselves what they want to know.

This should be interesting.

This is a comment driven story. Please leave a question or two down below! I will include your name in the author's notes so you know which questions were picked. Please keep in mind that the answers will be based in part of of my own headcanon. If you don't like that, you don't have to read it.

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Rainbow Dash finds a book from Celestia and Luna's childhood in the Castle of the Two Sisters, one that details their exploits in pranking. Obviously, she has to give them a try. And drag a few other creatures into her schemes as well.

Cover art created by me in MS Paint.

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