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sad · 11:06am July 13th

I missed the 69 views mark. That is sad.

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Will definitely check them out.

Without getting specific, I wanted to have a horror-esque scene in the fic I'm writing and the entire scene was supposed to revolve around death and decay and stuff like that. I tried to fit absolutely every thing I knew about horror right into that scene and it was just a mess. But after your panel I finally got what was wrong. I was looking at it from the wrong perspective.

Plus the whole "rational questions that lead to horrific answers" thing. Wanted to have something like this, but can't find a way to fit it into the story. So it's waiting for it's moment to shine for now.

Check my blog, and my other panel (5 Steps) if you need some help.

What are the ideas? :3

The horror one. Got a lot of ideas there. Been stragling to implement them in my writing since PonyFest

Which one? I had 2 seminars, sat on 2 panels, and was in both workshops. :3

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