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Benman belongs to a class of bipedal ape notable for its use of tools and clothing, highly adept at symbolic communication such as language and art.


What are the chances your favorite pony was secretly a changeling all along?

Yeah, probably about one in one.

Chapters (1)

Applejack is convinced that her produce is talking to her. Twilight Sparkle is convinced that only her expert help can restore Applejack to sanity. Hijinks ensue, as hijinks are wont to do. WARNING: Contains puns.

Written for the prereader Secret Santa prompt exchange. This prompt came from NinesTempest, and my prompt ended up going to BronyCray.

Audiobook by The Living Library

Chapters (1)

A prequel to Luna Eclipsed. It seems like a dream come true when Lodestar finds herself working directly for Her Royal Highness Princess Luna, but she soon learns that a thousand years of exile have left Luna dangerously out of touch. This makes for a poor combination with Luna's limitless power and terrible pride. Now Lodestar has to deal with both her own failings and Princess Luna's disruptive struggles to find herself, not to mention the threat of being accidentally asphyxiated by a careless goddess.

Chapters (4)
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