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Crescent Moon Crew is run by two users, Daniel Xien and Ed G. Our goal is to write and read stories based on our favorite genres and ships. We will be working separately but occasionally as a collab

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Shining Armor becomes Equestria's Most Wanted due to treason. His heart now belonging to someone new, he is on a race against the clock to unite himself with his Queen.

Story takes place in a humanized version of Equestria.

A story by Daniel X

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3,000 years have passed since the Great Equestrian War. Both sides in war suffered major casualties. However, the end of the war didn’t bring prosperity to Equestria; instead, it brought its downfall. In a final attempt, the princesses, along with the bearers of Harmony, gave their life to defeat the enemy forces. With the massive devastation caused by the many battles, the Everfree Forest began to spread its roots far and wide causing a territorial division in the land of Equestria. The land of the North began to prosper yet, things weren’t as nice as they seemed. Friendship existed but hate was more visible than in the days of Equestria. As the years passed, records of Equestrian history were destroyed and  the only remains laid in the Woods of Everfree, where anypony who dared to venture into will never return. In the center of the New Kingdom, which got the name of Illusia, laid a small town. In it lived a young pegasus with a light blue coat, scarlet red eyes and his cutie mark, still not found. That meant that his fate wasn’t set yet. Join the young pegasus as he embarks on a life changing adventure to uncover the past.

Story takes place After season 6 and Before season 7 thus the Alt Universe tag. Tags will continue to be added as the story progresses

Chapters (1)
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