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Humans were just myths made to teach young foals to behave. Who would have thought that they were real. Izzy Moonbow, was out on one of her unicycling misadventures she stumbled across something shiny. To bad it was already attached to someone. Now Izzy and her friends are on a mission to bring the poor human girl home.

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After settling down with Twilight, Phoenix Wright is flung into the far future of Equestria only to see that friendship has been replaced by paranoia and mistrust. Accused of a crime she did not commit, Phoenix agrees to defend the Earthpony Sunny Starscout with his mysterious new partner, a witch named Casandra. (This story was inspiration taken from, Turnabout Storm, Elements of Justice and Firsights Lawyer and the Unicorn.)

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In a parallel universe on another planet, Twilight Sparkle is having a hard time trying to prove that she is no longer the evil person she once was. However, redemption is harder than it looks but when the world tree summons Twilight and her friends, she finds another world we’re there is no magic. Instead, humans and aliens live together side by side. Of course this new world is strange to her especially when she meets Ben Tennyson; a cocky teen with a large ego. Twilight soon realizes that she needs him in order to find her friends and find a way home but how long will they be able to sand each other? (Will write all the episodes from Ben 10: Omniverse but will include chapters that are completely my own.)

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