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IWAE! I am the one who writes stories about humans and colorful equine creatures doing things!

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The stories of the Kamen Riders have become legendary all over the world, and even the universe. At one point, a whole world populated by descendants of Riders was formed, but has been destroyed by evil forces. The Rider Powers have been sealed into watches, and scattered to a far away world.

When Tom Decade, the last survivor of the Rider World and a descendant of Kamen Rider Decade, lands in Equestria, he is soon thrust into an adventure to retrieve all the RideWatches and keep his new home safe. But things aren't always as they seem, as multiple forces conspire to lead the young Rider to a ghastly fate...

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A dark, extradimensional force has latched onto the time and space around Equestria, and has started a dark campaign to make its inhabitants suffer. The Elements of Harmony, usually the go to for situations like this, have no effect on this threat, and as such are threatened themselves.

The Abstract Spirits, members of a larger family of spirits that include the Elements of Harmony, seek out champions from other worlds to aid them. Those fighters, who have been through horrible experiences and come out stronger as a result.

Claus, Isaac, Michael and Edmond.

These four humans, from four very different Earths, and different ways of life.

Empowered by their Abstract Spirits, and given powerful Element Guns that channel the powers that define the world, these brave individuals will join the Mane 6 and stand against this unfathomable evil.

But the gears of fate have already started to turn, and the slightest change can alter the path the world will take...

(Now featuring Frazzle2Dazzle as editor and assistant writer!)

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