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really makes you think · 10:51am Sep 7th, 2021

kinda fucked up how there's no family guy tag in the series input when you make a new story but WHATEVER i guess
swear to god knighty it's like you dont even care about this website anymore

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GLOW [NEW STORY] · 8:06pm Sep 2nd, 2021

They've forgiven Starlight Glimmer for her past. Despite everything that she had done, they forgave her. It is something wonderful, the power of forgiveness.

And it is a shame she can't forgive herself.

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Everfree Northwest · 5:00am Aug 13th, 2021

Wassap friendos! I’m gonna be at everfree northwest this coming weekend. Excited to be heading to the first con in three years and the first con since the pandemic! I’m sure nothing wild or wacky will happen after all us freaks have been cooped up for a whole pandemic...

Yes, nothing wild or wacky at all

If you’re going and wanna hang out this weekend, leave a comment or PM me and we can figure out something! Even if it’s just to say hi or summthin

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untitled love story · 2:30am Aug 11th, 2021

If returning to Equestria after a thousand years has taught Luna anything, it's that most things don't last. Nothing stays with her forever.

But if that's true, then why can't she escape this dream of a faceless mare?

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lmao this rules · 3:28am Aug 5th, 2021

For those of you who don't know, I am what some may charitably call "a fan of music" and what others may more accurately refer to as "an insufferable hipster douchebag". And let me tell all you fine folks, there have been some musical shenanigans as of late starring one of the fandom's best and brightest musicians, Vylet Pony.

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How To Be Objectively Hilarious: The Looneycon Comedy Panel · 11:17pm Jun 4th, 2021

Oh man I forgot all about this until the literal last second
I’m on a panel about how to be funny and crack wise with the esteemed Robcakeran, the honorable Fanofmosteverything, the beloved RockstarRaccoon and Super Trampoline who I think is wanted in the former Yugoslavia for war crimes

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when i let you down (all no-caps alcoholic deluxe remaster) · 6:21am Apr 19th, 2021

so i was talking to this chick, yeah? it might have not been a chick for all you know, but since i'm just some fuck on the internet who could literally be saying anything and you have no real way to verify whether it's true or not, you'll just have to go with whatever i say. it could have been some dude for all you know. or some enby individual, for that matter. youll never have any concrete way of knowing. but for the sake of making me look extra cool and suave we'll say it was one of them

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A Life Full of Love [NEW STORY] · 12:21am Mar 1st, 2021

Things have changed since Lyra moved away to Canterlot. Every time she returns to visit Ponyville to visit old friends, everything seems... off. Ponies seem subdued. Life feels washed out. Without love.

And she's determined to fix that.

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fimfic snobcast · 1:24am Feb 15th, 2021

hey guys i'm doing a fooni little stream/interview/podcast with muggony and notenoughcoffee. check it out here!

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Antagony [NEW STORY] · 11:09pm Jan 29th, 2021

While having tea with Fluttershy, Rarity notices that there is somewhat of an ant problem in her friend's cottage.

Inquiries into why this is the case are more difficult than expected.

wow this story is fucking stupid

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