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"Why, as a child, I thought sharks were my friends. [In ominous voice] I know better now."

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I haz idea · 11:58am Last Tuesday

Hello my 20 followers *PING*...oh, 19... Also others who have come across this blog.

Well anyways, as I recently replied to a comment on one of my stories, I was given a one-shot idea! Its about the Merchant from any displaced fics having a day off, that's pretty much it. EG Pinkie is also there to fill the mlp requirements, though only serving a minor role.

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No prob bob, just saw your blog, hope you get that hundred.

Thanks for the watch!:pinkiesmile:

To everyone who loved the fic: Twilight Sparkle Listens to Sabaton. It's banned...on this site. You can still see it on FanFiction.net and, while I am still making my currently ongoing fic: Lost Loyalty the priority, I will make a segual series: Equestria listens to Sabaton, that I will update occasionally until Lost Loyalty is finished. At which point, Equestria listens to Sabaton will inherit priority.

  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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