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Updoot · 8:38pm July 22nd

Give it about a week or two, you'll have a chapter.

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Three Holes in the Ground · 10:07am June 4th

Well well well, look at what’s been happening around here. Some of you may have noticed a lack of chapters yesterday, some others may have even noticed the ‘incomplete’ tag switching to ‘hiatus’. Needless to say, I got some explaining to do. Simple answer: Violent thugs in the street. Longer answer: Violent thugs marching through the streets, burning down buildings, brutally beating innocent bystanders, destroying small businesses, killing without care, all while being lauded by the media as

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An Update on a Cassette · 1:19am May 15th

Hello all, welcome to this: my update.

Now as some of you have doubtlessly noticed, I’ve been managing a daily schedule of release for chapters for a bit over two months now. This has been great fun, and I had hoped that I might possibly finish it with consistent daily updates, however, plans have changed. Today there will be no chapter. There will be no chapter on Friday either. There won’t even be a chapter Saturday. No, dear reader, I’m pulling back on the reins.

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