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Hi, my name's Wave, I'm a lonely gay twink and I reeeaaally love Rainbow Dash

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Closeted and ready for a change, those are the words to describe young Rainbow Blitz. He's your average Equestrian school athlete, seemingly bad at anything that isn't soccer, flying and track, rather tempermental and always filled with the need to be better than everyone else.

That, and that fact that he's gay, but only Fluttershy knows that.

His life is rather hectic and things rarely go his way, but that's okay, he has his friends there with him.

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With her thin figure, dark skin, raspy voice and childlike face, it's no wonder Rainbow Dash didn't get chosen to be a part of the Imperial Harem. However, after being kidnapped by human trafficers and sold off to the Royal Canterlot Castle, she is made to be a lower working servant for said trafficers. After three uneventful months of work has passed, the suprisingly intelligent young doctor's life is flipped in an odd way.

Based off of the Manga Kusuriya no Hitorigoto, this won't be an exact copy, but it will follow certain story plots and elements from it.

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All Twilight wanted was to have Rainbow take things more seriously, the last thing she expected was for Rainbow to split into six different mares, all with different manes and personalities...

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