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New to Fimfiction and I am a brony. I like making stories an I wan't to share them with everyone.

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The story is set in an alternate universe where Luna doesn't become Nightmare moon. Instead, Celestia is the one that is jealous and she turns into Day Breaker. Luna easily defeats her and the prophecy of Day breakers return is still the same but this time, she was banished to the sun and doesn't burn since she is the essence of fire. The events afterwards plays the same except that Cadance and Shining armor had Flurry Heart early and Queen chrysalis was defeated by Cadance very easily, Luna becomes Twilights teacher and master, Zecora was well respected instead of being feared from the start, Flurry heart mastered her powers, and Starlight Glimmer got her Cutie Mark alongside with Sunburst.

Day Breaker wasn't defeated by the elements and turned back into Celestia, she retreated and started to plot. She orchestrated a disaster that took away spike's life and unhinged Twilight to insanity. Daybreaker takes advantage of this to use her as her pawn. Zecora forms a resistance to stop Day Breaker and Twilight. Will they win?

Note: Give me time, I might not be committed to finish this since I have school

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If one man steals something important from you what would you do? In this story the Elements are in danger and the universe is in trouble. Its up to the mane 6 and some other allies to defeat the enemy called Drogon.

This story takes inspiration from Avengers Infinity war.

Also this story was first published on wattpad. I am the maker of the wattpad story so no troubles on that. I am still working on the next few chapters of the story.

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