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I like that My Little Pony is a family show. I want to stay true to that in my stories.

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    Fluttershy is having nightmares that even Luna can't contain. Discord uncovers an ancient spell that puts two thirds of Equestria in danger. To solve both problems, the Main 6 and Discord get ready for another adventure.
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A few hours later... · 2:58pm June 15th

Actually, never mind! I managed to get through with it! Yay!

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This is going to be a very long comment, so I suggest that you make sure you have some time to read. In fact, this comment is probably the longest one I've ever written, on Fimfiction and on the Internet. I spent over 2 hours on this, so I hope you find this useful.

That being said, if this continues your page will soon be buried in our conversation, so I suggest that we start using the PM (private message) feature soon. You can send a user PM by clicking the "Mail" button near the top-right of the recipient's user page, which itself is accessible by clicking on the name next to comments (it's a link).

Also, this comment will have a lot of links, so I'll warn you in advance: you'll be better off not clicking on them until you finish reading comment.

With all that out of the way, let us get on with the real talk.

I've checked out your preferences. Some people are so good at fan made animation!!! I loved it! ElieMonty looked interesting. She's quite talented. And I liked adding the symphonies to my youtube playlist.:pinkiesmile:

Happy to hear that! :pinkiehappy:

Also, I've just discovered a great MLP music composer, and he's still alive and kicking, fortunately. His channel name is Aurelleah, and he has over 20K subscribers. His music composts of either his own original music or remixes of various music from the show and other brony writers. I recommend you go check him out to see whether you'll like him or not.

As you've probably guessed, yeah, I like to stick to stories that are clean (And feature Fluttershy and/or Discord). Honestly, they can be hard to find sometimes. One of the reasons I'm writing one of my own.:twilightsheepish:If you know of any, I'd love to hear about them.

To be honest, I've never really cared about avoiding mature themes – the only stories I've avoided are grimdark stories, and if you don't know what those are... That being said, I do plan on reading Cupcakes someday so that I can know what it's like. I expect to be traumatized. Cupcakes, if you don't know, is the story that jump-started the Grimdark section of the Brony fandom. It's the brony grimdark story in terms of famousness.

Enough about myself. Can't find clean stories, you say? Why, I have just the solution for you! Tags! Tags are the means by which stories are categorized based on their contents, and in the search bar you can use these tags to narrow your search. To use them, type like the following in the search bar.

#(insert tag name here)
This will make sure to only show stories with this tag. Meaning that those stories will have content featuring the tag's subject.

-#(insert tag name here)
This will make sure to show only stories without this tag. Meaning that those stories won't have content featuring the subject. (At least, most of the time, the system isn't foolproof, you know?)

For example, Fluttershy's tag: #fluttershy
And Discord's tag: #discord
Typing these together will ensure that you will get stories that have Fluttershy and Discord in them. Neat, right?

Also, it's handy to note that when typing in the search bar of the search results page (the page that displays after you search for stories), typing in a hash mark and a letter will bring up automatic suggestions. Do also note, however, that this feature isn't available in the main page search bar for some reason.

There's also another far easier way to use tags, though. However, it is only available in the search results page. Right next to the search bar, you can see a button with the word "Filter" on it. Clicking there, a variety of features are available to help you narrow your search, examples include word count and completion status, but the one we're here for is tags, and it's also there. Click on it, and you'll find yourself with a search bar for tags – this time, there's no need for the #, just the words. You can select several tags at a time, and once you do, you can choose to either make them include or exclude stories with the tags. Handy, right?

Now, time for the final touch – making sure you find only clean stories. The only tags that'll have anything to do with this are the 'Everyone', 'Teen', and 'Mature' tags, written as #everyone , #teen , and #mature respectively. I'll explain the criteria for these fellows.

  • Everyone — Stories that should be appropriate for general audiences. They should include no content that a parent would find objectionable for a child. The general idea here is “things that would be reasonable to see on the show itself.”
  • Teen — Anything more risqué or salacious than content you might see in the show – foul language, minor violence with cursory descriptions, physical affection more intense than a quick peck on the lips, blood, etc.
  • Mature — Anything that should require an aged or mature perspective to read; things like extreme violence, explicit descriptions of physical intimacy, or content intended for older audiences.

These are the official definitions of the tags. Keep in mind, however, that the authors are the ones who put tags on their stories, so there'll be a bit of deviation here and there.

Also, due to the non-compatible nature of these tags, typing in one of them will naturally exclude the other two, so if you type in #everyone you won't be seeing any teen or mature stories. That being said, here are the two tags I can see you using the most, depending on how much dirtiness you can allow in a story.

If you want absolutely nothing dirty in a story, this is your go-to-tag. Pretty much self-explanatory why.

If you can handle mild dirtiness, then this is your go-to-tag. This will ensure that you only get "Everyone" and "Teen" stories.

I'll also provide you with links to FAQs that most concern the subject I have discussed.

That's all I have for now on tags. On a related topic, the site does have a page with the Rules on it, and another page with FAQs. I highly recommend that you see these two pages, they have most of all you'll need to know to use this site best. Also, these pages are also always accesible through the "HELP" button on the top of every page on Fimfiction, right under the search bar.

Other than these two pages, the "HELP" button also has links to such useful pages as the BBCode Guide, – this explains the more advanced uses of the BBCode, the code responsible for italics and strikethroughs, i.e. [i]italic[/i], [s]strikethrough[/s] – and the Writing Guide – a page that explains how to write good stories that I'm sure will come in useful for you, I also recommend reading it.

Hope this helps you out on Fimfiction! :twilightsmile:

As you've probably guessed, yeah, I like to stick to stories that are clean (And feature Fluttershy and/or Discord). Honestly, they can be hard to find sometimes. One of the reasons I'm writing one of my own.:twilightsheepish:If you know of any, I'd love to hear about them.

This might just be harder than writing a discourse on the use of tags. Well, I'll try my best. Wait a second while I search through my bookshelves using tags. (As I said, they're very handy.)

These 11 stories are all pulled from my 'Great' bookshelf, which itself has only 43 stories out of the over 300 stories I've read so far – that means that these stories have to be good in order to pass through my eye. A side effect is that there are a lot of stories in here that are emotional, that's because emotion is the best way to impress me, so yeah, be prepared to have your heart torn apart. Anyway, I've rated these from top to bottom using a combination of what I'd think you like, my own preferences, and how good the stories themselves are. Hope you enjoy! :raritystarry:

  1. The Enchanted Library, written by Monochromatic — Rated Teen; 340,728 words; original version, side story and uncompleted sequel available. Features Discord (antagonist). What can I say? This is a slow-burn romance story that ships Twilight and Rarity, they'll go through hardships, have loving moments, go through disagreements just like in any other good romance story the length of three full-blown novels (a side effect is that this story isn't for the impatient). However, the situation in which they do that is what differentiates this story; using a unique premise, this story will warm your heart at times, and tear it up at other times. But when one talks about The Enchanted Library, one must mention Monochromatic, the writer. He is, in my opinion, the ultimate romance writer on Fimfiction. His stories can make grown men cry, pierce the hardest of hearts, play with our emotions; there is no limit to what Mono can do. So from my heart, I recommend that you read his other stories. If this doesn't make you feel something, I'd go to a psychiatrist if I were you.
  2. Luna's Gay Olde Day, written by DEI Caboose — Rated teen. A hilarious take on the results of time displacement and the evolution of language and culture. Featuring Princess Luna as the focus of this story, if you have a sense of humor similar to me, you might just laugh. Although this does contain what one would normally consider foul language, it is used in a different, comedic way, and is in no way offensive. In fact, it is what makes this story hilarious. So I recommend that this time, you not be dismayed by such words.
  3. Twilight is a Zombie, written by Michael Hudson — Rated teen; 1,522 words (one-shot). Don't let the title fool you; featuring Rainbow Dash and Twilight at its center, this is a cute and fluffy story with dashes of romance that'll surely make you go d'awwwww and give you diabetes. Heck, even the cover picture is cute as tartarus. It also contains Pinkie Pie for extra comedy.
  4. In Memory Of, written by Obselescence — Rated everyone; 3,039 words (one-shot). A heart-wrenching, tear-jerking story. If I say anymore I'll spoil you, which you definitely don't want for this kind of story. I recommend that you read this after developing an emotional connection with the MLP characters (though you only need a connection with one, if I tell you who it'll be kind of spoiler). It only makes it so much more... emotional. *sniffle* It just ripped my heart to pieces. :fluttercry:
  5. Dearest Fluttershy, written by Terrasora — Rated teen; 4,748 words (one shot). Since as of this moment I'm an unfeeling cold bastard, I'll do my best to make you cry. This story features Fluttershy and Discord; its an emotional story, and just like In Memory Of, if I say anymore I'll spoil you, which you once again definitely don't want, I recommend that you have a emotional attachment to the two characters if you don't already have one. (I did a quik scroll through to remember what it was about, and even that made my heart wrench. :fluttershysad:)
  6. Strategic, written by Winston — Rated everyone; 4,299 words (one-shot). This story was one that made me think about the meanings of a couple of things in the show. Strategic, a story featuring Princess Celestia and Princess Luna playing chess against each other, has a metaphorical/symbolical meaning hidden in it. Care to find it? One only has to read.
  7. Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger, written by AdmiralTigerclaw — Rated everyone; 66,182 words; uncompleted side story available. The story of a human crash-landed at Equestria, and his interactions with the ponies around him. Told from the point of view of the human, this a sci-fi story. If I had to describe it, it would be like... unexpected friendship with alien strangers. I don't know how to really say it, so you'll find out when you read.
  8. Que Sera, Sera, written by Ponydora Prancypants — Rated everyone, 15,437 words. Like Dearest Fluttershy and In Memory Of, this is an emotional story on the sad side. It features the Mane 6, Spike, and the Royal Sisters. The main emotion-stirrer is what happens to the Mane 6. "What happens?" you ask? Well, read to find out.
  9. The Curse of Royalty, written by maximus25 — Rated evreryone; 2,964 words. Concept wise, this is similar to Dearest Fluttershy. That means a sad story, and a sad story means tears! Hooray :pinkiecrazy:! To be clear, that means that this story also deals with death, life, mortality, and immortality. The main focus of this story is Twilight this time, though it does also focus on the Royal Sisters at times. All I can say is that this is also emotional, since yet again spoilers are a definite no-no. And just like In Memory Of, I recommend having an emotional attachment to MLP characters..
  10. Courage, written by scion — Rated everyone; 133,703 words; Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess crossover. Although this is a crossover, it's enjoyable even if you don't know Legend of Zelda. It does have the occasional fight scene, but doesn't have any graphic violence, only that which you might find on a kid's show.
  11. Stardust, written by Arad — Rated teen; 216,600 words; sequels and side stories available; X-COM crossover. In my opinion, the sci-fi story of Fimfiction. It's one of my first reads, and what helped draw me into the the fandom. This is a X-COM crossover, and it takes place on Earth rather than on Equestria. This story does however have some pretty dark scenes considering its teen rating, and the violence is graphic. So, although whether or not you read it is up to you, I myself would recommend it. This is a gripping story that tracks Twilight as she struggles to understand what's happening after being transported to an Earth under alien attack by Discord. Watch as Twilight earns the trust of the untrusting humans around her, and how she suffers and grows.

You might notice that none of these stories are rated mature, and that's intentional. I've excluded all mature stories from this list in order to comply with your preferences (since I still don't know your opinion on teen rated stories, I've included them). That being said, the only mature story that would've gotten on this list if the circumstances were different is The Immortal Game. Now that's a dark story, complete with lots of gore and violence. Mass death is to be considered normal, even genocide. And that definitely isn't what you'd want. So yeah, just wanted to tell you that? Anyway, although I respect your wishes, it might be better to at least be able to read stories like Stardust. I love that story, and the only reason its's at the bottom is because it's the darkest one (although I stress that it's a great story), and I guess another reason is because it doesn't have Flutters in it.

Hmm...I've seen a LOT of episodes, but I've still got heaps more to chew through before I'm ready to be quizzed on anything MLP.:applejackconfused:One of the benefits of entering a fandom late in the game is you don't have to wait for all the seasons to come to enjoy the continuity of the show.

That's okay, even I haven't seen all the episodes. I only joined Fimfiction myself on October 9th, 2017, and I started watching MLP only about a week or two before that – just in time for the season 7 finale. So as you can see, I myself am a relatively new brony, so no worries, I won't bite (and even if I waste of the first bronies, I still won't). And although coming late into a TV show fandom has its advantages and disadvantages, being able to watch episodes without waiting is a good thing. On the flip side, catching up is gonna take a long time. So like I said, advantages and disadvantages.

In fact, since I don't have the patience to watch the episodes in order, I have the occasional gap in my knowledge. The episodes I have watched are the season premieres and finales, and episodes that have a certain degree of famousness. Episodes such as S3E10 "Keep Calm and Flutter On", S4E12 "Pinkie Pride", S5E9 "Slice of Life" (the tag 'slice of life' is named after this episode, it's that well-known), S5E13 "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep", S5E18 "Crusaders of the Lost Mark", S7E10 "A Royal Problem", S7E12 "Discordant Harmony", and S7E13 "The Perfect Pear" among others. In my opinion, they're some of the more well-known episodes of the show.

Now that I said that, let me rephrase the question. Assuming that you are watching the episodes in order, how far have you watched? As in, until what episode of what season have you finished watching? I'd like to get a grasp on what you might know and what you might not know. And if you haven't watched the episodes in order, let me know how and what you watched, if you don't mind.

Also, before I forget, let me ask you: do you know of the Equestria Girls movies, and the 2017 MLP movie? And if you do, have you seen them? And if you have seen them, what do you think of them? I'm curious as at your opinion.

Thanks for replying. And thanks for understanding.:pinkiesmile:

Always. :eeyup:

Besides, as founder and administrator of The Fimfiction Welcoming Committee, it's kind of like my duty.

(PS. Pony Emojis! Yaaay!!!)

I know, right? I especially want to know what you think of the Fluttershy series. :fluttercry::flutterrage::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::fluttershysad:

Too bad there's no Discord. I think he'll look good with something like a smirk or an evil laugh.

Well, as I said this was a very long comment. Hope it wasn't a bother, and that the information I've provided you will come I handy. As someone living in Japan, it isn't everyday that I get to have a conversation with someone in English, so I hope that we can continue this relationship. It brings me joy to be able to help someone and talk in English, so yeah. :twilightblush:

I hereby formally offer my services as an editor for Snowflakes, and an overall advisor for your activities on Fimfiction as needed. If you accept, disclaimers, terms, and other specifics shall be discussed when possible.

Wow, that was formal. And although the title of editor/adviser might make me sound like some kind of great person, I'm really not, so don't expect too much from me – there's only so much I can do. :twilightsheepish:

Until next time, then. I wish you good luck, and my best wishes. :twilightsmile:

P.S. As of this moment, my darkish side has taken over my body. So I'll show you this picture to make you sad. [Insert "Discord evil laugh" emoji here]derpicdn.net/img/view/2017/8/2/1500835__safe_artist-colon-zetamad_fluttershy_blood_crying_female_injured_lip+bite_looking+at+you_mare_pegasus_pony_sad_solo.jpeg
Sorry, don't know what came over me. :twilightoops:


I've checked out your preferences. Some people are so good at fan made animation!!! I loved it! ElieMonty looked interesting. She's quite talented. And I liked adding the symphonies to my youtube playlist. :pinkiesmile:

As you've probably guessed, yeah, I like to stick to stories that are clean (And feature Fluttershy and/or Discord). Honestly, they can be hard to find sometimes. One of the reasons I'm writing one of my own.:twilightsheepish: If you know of any, I'd love to hear about them.

Hmm...I've seen a LOT of episodes, but I've still got heaps more to chew through before I'm ready to be quizzed on anything MLP. :applejackconfused: One of the benefits of entering a fandom late in the game is you don't have to wait for all the seasons to come to enjoy the continuity of the show.

Thanks for replying. And thanks for understanding. :pinkiesmile:

(PS. Pony Emojis! Yaaay!!!)
:derpytongue2::raritystarry::coolphoto::moustache: XD


Thanks for sending me a good list of things to explore. :)

T'is my pleasure, good sir. :twilightsmile:

Just noticed that you asked me what stories I'd recommend. That depends on what kind of stories you'd like to read, really. I'd send you a list of stories that I like, but your short bio made me pause; If I had to take a guess, you might not like gore, violence, R34, darkness, and things like that – perish the thought of grimdark – so here I am, asking for your preferences. So, what are your preferences?

P.S. How many MLP episodes have you watched?

P.S.S. You seem to like using smiley faces. I do too, helps add more tones to the written word (and often prevent misunderstandings). So might I recommend the pony emojis accessible by the smiley face at the top of where you write comments? It has quite the variety. :pinkiehappy:

I remember lullaby for a princess!!! :D The storytelling was so compelling!

I'll have to check out all of your other recommendations. ElieMonty is especially intriguing. Thank you. :)

Not at all, When I get the time to check them out, I'll let you know what I think of them. Thanks for sending me a good list of things to explore. :)

In regards to YouTube, if you haven't seen the following yet, you're definitely missing out.

  • Lullaby for a Princess — This is, for me at least, the masterpiece of animated MLP music videos. A must watch.
  • The Moon Rises. Animation — Another great animated MLP music video.
  • Children of the Night — Yet another great animated MLP music video. Well, actually... I haven't seen it for myself because of my tendency to avoid anything that triggers my cringe reaction, but I have heard lots of great things about it, so go ahead and watch this. (Tell me what you think, since I don't know what to expect.)
  • EileMonty's MLP Voices songs, in which she does covers of various songs in MLP character voices. Reccomended because EileMonty is the Voice Actress of the MLP fandom.
  • Melodic Pony's various music videos. They're mostly orchestral suites, and they're the best that I have seen. Sadly... well... may he rest in peace. :ajsleepy:

These are the videos which I can thing of off the top of my head, and I hope you enjoy them.

Also, you mentioned watching the odd reaction here and there, and I love reactions – it doesn't help that they're my primary method of actually seeing the MLP episodes themselves. I know quite a few reactors, but if I list them now this is going to get very long, so if you're interested, just let me know and I'll compile a list.

Well, that's all I have for now, hope you like them! :twilightsmile:

P.S. I'd love to hear what you think of my recommendations, so if you don't mind...

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