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Greetings from the Shadows of Equestria. I am Silence.Exe. I enjoy writing GrimDarks and creepy tales of all kinds.


This story is a sequel to The GrimDark Reality

As the GrimDark universe creeps ever so much closer to normal Equestria, Silence realizes that unless Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and himself find a solution soon, it'll be too late to stop it.

But things get even more dire when the VCR the tapes were playing on begins to show yet another video... One that none of them saw coming.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is actually the third book in the series. The second book was written by WannaFlugelHorn as a sequel, but I didn't want to copy it, so here's the link to it. Go check it out, and don't forget to check out my original story.

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When midnight comes, it's time to walk home from work for Rainbow Dash.

But tonight, she's not alone.

IMPORTANT NOTE:I know it's a slow start, but keep reading and rate fairly, please, since it gets good later on in the story.

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Rainbow Dash always thought she'd be ready for anything. She always thought she was too brave for anything to truly scare her.

But now, in this hostile and dark town, with a broken wing, Rainbow Dash will know the meaning of true terror.

Can she survive being Hunted?

IMPORTANT NOTE: This has a T rating only because I don't want fans 12 or under to get nightmares.

The one I had that I based the story off of was terrifying, even for me, and I'm Age of Majority. So yeah.

Prereader: N/A
Cover Art: N/A
Based off of a dream I had.

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Pinkie Pie was perfectly happy to help out Twilight with her new spell. But when something goes wrong, she finds herself in a strange new world with none of her friends around.

D-1568, nicknamed Hunter, is a brand new addition to the D-Class personnel. And he hates it. But just when he thought he had nothing left, he finds a lonely pink mare whom has also lost everything.

And together, they try to make each others' lives a little bit better.

Cover Art By: kikio3000

Prereading By: ????

Based on SCP: Containment Breach

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Another long day at the office, needlessly holding the hooves of qualified ponies for work they should know how to do.

But I can't rest now.

And so, the journey through the insanity of the mind begins with these few words.

Where the journey will lead...

Nopony knows.

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Twilight Sparkle has to tell the story of her insanity before it claims her. But many things stand in her way. Things she will have to remember, and things that don't exactly like her or you.

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Silence.EXE was always a loner, tending to research the GrimDark on his own. That is, until the Princess of Friendship and the Element of Loyalty pay him an unexpected visit in his own home.

But his troubles only grow as an old box of tape recordings he found in a box on the top shelf of his closet proves to be an outlook and possibly a portal into a world of horrors that should not exist, one that seems very familiar to Silence... And very horrifying to Twilight...

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story is based off of 'Rainbow Factory' by Aurora Dawn.

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