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Greetings from the Shadows of Equestria. I am Silence.Exe. I enjoy writing GrimDarks and creepy tales of all kinds.


I'm moving accounts! · 12:02am Feb 18th, 2020

Hey guys. So for the longest time, I haven't uploaded on this account mainly due to RL and focusing on a different story in my secondary account.

So, I've decided that the account Silence_EXE will not be uploading or updating any longer. However, if you'd still like to help me out on my other channel, here's the account I will be using:


Yes, I know many of you are already following that account, but just to let you know.

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First Chapter Out Now · 7:49am Jun 3rd, 2019

Hey guys, just posting a blog to tell you that the story I have been collaborating on with Nebbie has just come out with a first chapter!

So please, go ahead and check it out, It would be much appreciated.

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New Story Coming Soon · 12:31am May 31st, 2019

Hey guys,

After a long absence from posting, Me and a co-author have finally almost finished the first chapter of a co-written story called A Deadly Sanctuary!

This story is taking a long time to write, so look forward to it!

It should be posted in approximately a week.

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At The Hospital · 7:18pm May 23rd, 2019

Hey guys,

I'm at the hospital at the moment due to having extreme coughing fits and it being real hard to breathe.

I am just trying to get a diagnosis due to a recommendation from Telehealth.

Anyway, it's not life-threatening so don't worry.

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New Profile Picture/Fanart · 8:18am Apr 2nd, 2019

Hey all,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank the amazing Flawl3ssTrag3dy for the new profile picture that she created for me!

Check out her other works here.

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Open for Story Commissions, See details below · 8:04am Apr 1st, 2019

Greetings from the Shadows of Equestria! I am Silence.EXE. I am a VA, author, and editor, usually more into dark and horror stories.

Commission Status: Open, as I have nothing better to do.

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Buy me a Coffee? · 7:33pm Mar 21st, 2019

Yes, I know, cliche title. But money is important in this world, so I'd ask that if you can, please support me on Ko-Fi. Here's the link.

Buy me a coffee, please! :3

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Stream?!?! · 8:14pm Feb 20th, 2019

Hey all, just letting you know that if you wanna hear me in a stream, seems like there'll be one I'm in on Shadow Moonlight, a YT Channel, so come check it out for a Q&A + Art!

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Happy Hearts & Hooves Day! · 5:35pm Feb 14th, 2019

Hey everyone! Just wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you how much I appreciate you all being here, and to wish you a Happy Hearts & Hooves Day!

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Pssst. Hey you. Yes, you. Wanna see a secret? Read this. · 5:33pm Feb 10th, 2019

Are you alone? Noone behind you? Ok, read this for a sneak peek at my newest story, The Corruption.

"Is everything going as planned, servant?" said a strangely glitchy voice.

"Yes, Master. The fools won't know what hit them," said a more normal, high-pitched voice.

"What about the Elements of Harmony? Do they know?" asked the glitchy voice.

"No, Master. They go about their life as per usual," responded the normal voice.

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