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I'm apart of the LGBTQ+ community and enjoying venting by writing stories about depression and anxiety along with other mental illness that I suffer from.

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The Disappearance of When Stars Align · 2:24am Jul 3rd, 2019

I've decided to post the rewrite instead and due to that. I decided to unsubmit the old one. You can find the old story here

I will eventually repost the new one when I finish readjusting it to my liking.

Thanks for your patience :raritywink:

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Mlp which is My Little Pony
Oc which is Original Character
And LuCc is actually said like luck and is the typical name for characters that I base on myself. For example a self insert.

What does MLPOCLucC stand for?

I plan to rewrite When Stars Align a little so I will put the sequels on hiatus until I finish so I can have a good storyline for them. I might rewrite then all together with different characters and storylines.

Thanks for adding When the snow melts to your favourites :twilightsmile:

Thank you kindly for adding the Chronicles to your favorites, it's much appreciated.

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