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Annunciating such precise pronunciations!

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Welcome to my profile!

Im Dashie Pies, formally known as Blueberry-Dash. I have been around the fandom for around three years now, hosted my own radio station called Cloudsdale_FM along with other brony sites. Contributing to the content was a huge part of my fandom life, but nothing I took greater pleasure in than celebrating this content through our station was to read fanfics.

Now I am an editor for stories mainly helping out with the creative aspects of writing, I'm no expert in these matters. And most certainly does my grammar need improving, however writing a good story I have experience with! Writing and editing are personal hobbies of mine :)

Feel free to message me for help, I love to connect with other writers!

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Nooooowwwwwww I get the hint >.<

Twilight had to read that, then read it again and then again one final time!!!

Then the preverbial Trump tower came crashing down all around her and she let out a little fart.

I hope you will make that story great again *hint *hint :twilightblush:

.... sry I know that joke was bad

Going to PM you...

I know, was my first thought too

P.s Loving that Fluttershy grin, looking at it brings instant happiness!

  • Viewing 14 - 18 of 18
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