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Proofreader required · 9:43pm May 31st

I need a proofreader to proofread my stories. Hope I can find a proofreader.:pinkiehappy:

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Then I will get started on the last chapter & email you the corrections

The story also failed because of lack pf punctuation

1. I want the story to be private before it publicly out.
2. Yes, it's harsh

I asked Blade Star to give you some help. He said that he did. He sent me the password, so I can get started.

I can post any corrections
By private letter to your E-mail here at Fimfiction. (recommended)
I can try to text them to your Gmail account. IDK if I can do that from my computer
Also, do you want me to do the whole story, or just the last chapter?

Blade told me that you said that the moderators wouldn't let you post because of bad grammar? Dude, that's HARSH. I don't think I've ever even heard of that happening. I've seen some pretty atrocious grammar, so unless they've tightened up recently there must be more to it than that

1. I meant, create a new account. Like for me, on my old phone, my gmail account was dextermed15@gmail.com. Now on the phone I'm using, it is dextermed16@gmail.com
2. I don't want anyone to read the story before it is officially released
3. I've never used a computer in my life. I heavily depend on phone

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