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Gallus and Silverstream head off to Griffonstone to spend the holidays together, and though they have a rocky start, it’s sure to be one to remember!

Story written as part of Jinglemas 2019 for the user Muggony, for this group.

Merry Christmas!

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Discord and Pinkie Pie both realise that the MLP fandom has a lot of unanswered questions about the universe the show is in. So they started producing a show to answer the life mysteries their world has to offer.

“Remember, this is all in fun, no need for real facts to be in the story!”

“Comment below what questions you have, and the author will get to them as soon as possible!”

...Pinkie, Discord, just... Please stop being in the description.

Grumble mumble tumble fumble dumbbell Well you’re no fun.”

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Sunset and Caballeron are looking for Sleipnir's horseshoes, said to grant the users access to anywhere in any realm, even Tartarus itself. The only thing standing in the way of getting them is their own temptation...

This is a submission for Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys. I hope it goes over well...

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The merchant is very good at what he does. ...Usually. These are short snippets of how some of his items... Backfired. The results should be pretty interesting.

This is a crack fic, don't take this seriously.

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The Shadow has kept him in slumber for over a thousand years, waiting for the time when he had need of his soldier of the night, when he would be able to rise and do his will. Crying out in desperation, that call has finally come... And Tall Mac has awoken.

Released from his tomb beneath the sprawling city of Manehatten, there's a new darkness released upon the city... Mac the Ripper wants revenge... And he doesn't care who he gets it from.

Uh... Please save all cringes and flaming till the end of each chapter. Keep your eyes and fingers near your device at all times during the reading. Enjoy!

Chapters (1)
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