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After being abandoned by her friends after a Mystable user by the name of Anon-a-Miss starts spreading rumors and personal secrets. Sunset is left alone in her darkest moment, left with nowhere else to turn to she decides to end everything. until a certain trio decide to step in.
Can friendships be saved or are they meant to stay Broken?
Heavily inspired by the holiday special 2014 and the stories by the talented Small Muffin and Dainn
Anon-a-Miss By Dainn
In a time of need by Small Muffin

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(a little late but meh enjoy)
this tells the tale of the billion year war that buttons the mighty fought all by himself

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Canterlot has had a few peaceful weeks of nothing happening, no chaos, no monsters attacking no nothing. that is until a changeling wonders into the kingdom and changes it forever.

'this was made quickly and just as a random story not meant to be taken seriously at all and was made mostly due to random dreams'
cover by the great Lomeo

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Discord's suffering from night terrors and its happening more and more to the point it affects his health Fluttershy tries to help but she cant do it alone. will the mane six be able to help Fluttershy's newest friend or will he be lost to the nightmares forever?

(the cover was done by me 100% me and not by the magnificent celestiathegreatest.
ok seriously the cover art was done by her so make like a changeling and give her all the loves!)

special thanks to Jyuuma
for being such a great beta reader and idea helper! so give him some love!
Featured on 2/16/2015!
Thanks guys! :D

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