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It began with an ending. When the sun sets on one age, it rises on another. The gods of old have been captured or slumber through their destruction, and when the civilization that once worshipped them has long faded from memory, a new civilization crops up to take it's place.

The Ponies of Equestria are enjoying a new golden age, the Age of Friendship, shepherded in by the newly crowned Princess Twilight Sparkle, sole monarch of the land. An expedition is sent far west to build a new trading outpost dedicated to the teachings of friendship and it's spread far and wide...but in midst of establishing their new town, these settlers uncover something ancient and evil that seems bent on destroying the very world they hold dear as it had before.

They uncover a monster.

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When you photocopy a picture, it's never quite as clear as the original, when you copy that copy, it's even more distorted. What happens when you do this to a living, breathing pony?

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Nightmare Moon has been banished, the day has been saved, and that's the end of it, right? Wrong. For 1000 years Celestia has not been idle, she has been recruiting anypony she can into a guild known as the Dream Walkers. The group's highest rank, an elite team known as the Nightmare Corps, have worked for 10 centuries, attempting to rid Nightmare Moon's influence from the Lunar Princess's mind. The tale follows the story of Dream Weaver, a member of the corps, who, after Nightmare's defeat and the coronation of Princess Twilight, finds herself in a rather different situation; Babysitting Equestria's biggest set of trouble magnets.

Rated teen for naughty words, violence, and adult themes

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Maiara has never known of the world of ponies, and only a hoof full of ponies in all of equestria has any idea what a human is, and out of those, only one knows one of the princesses personally. Lyra Hearstrings and crew set sail, and come across a tiny island far to the east of Equestria, and the two species officially meet for the first time! What will happen?

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After months of brooding and sulking, Celestia's rage finally breaks. Convinced her subjects no longer love her she resolves to turn the monarchy into a dictatorship ruled by fear. Luna is forced to seal her sister within the sun and rule on her own for a thousand years before her return.

Ummm for any of you guys who are interested I've just started up a tumblr. Its nothing special but I'll be making it an interactive part of this story and future stories. If you want to see your ideas here I'll be happy to hear them out http://flutteringashes.tumblr.com/

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