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Voting results · 12:39am Oct 2nd, 2018

OK! After a WHOLE MONTH!! The voting has been ended and I counted all the votes to see what I would do first. Here's the results.

In first place: Twicord or Discolight (Twilight Sparkle x Discord) at 7 votes.

In second place: Carity (Rarity x Capper) at 5 votes.

and In third place: Roverty (Rover x Rarity) at 0 votes.

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Well, thank you! Your icon's nice too.

*Happy squawks softly, pawsigns* Following you because of your wonderful icon... ^~^

Cheers mate,
Gryphon <><

It's no problem. Your Relationships Are Evil fic greatly inspired my Chaotic Valentine and others. You deserve it.

Hey! Thank you for the follow! I hope I've earned it! :twilightsmile:

Oh, no. Doodle is my oc but someone I know commissioned it for me. Thank you though.

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