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I do YouTube reading of Fanfictions, you can find me here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc6rOMPBjQDzV3iVEBBJsRA

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This is a kind of just collection of short stories that I have for one of my Oc's that I have. The first few chapters are going to be in order but that really just to give back story, after that it will just be Au short stories taking pace in the universe that I create as I go along.

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She was beautiful as always, the mare that sat in front of me. She was a sky blue Pegasus that had a dark brown mane and tail. I looked into her large emerald green eyes drinking them in as much as I could, fearing that this might be the last time that I could, and sadly I knew that it such case now, because I relive this moment every night as the nightmare.

warning thoughts a depression and suicide

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The Alicorns turn to dark pages of magic to help end a war against the draconequus's that has been raging for generations. They work in secret darkening history with innocent blood as they create the ultimate weapon from the body of an Alicorn child, born with magic abilities well above what has been seen in centuries. Yet in the end both sides fell, the war lost to both sides, and the truth of what happened lost to history. That was until the weapon returned, seeking revenge for the unjust, and the death of the Alicorn race.

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