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I am an autistic brony (with an OC that I'm very touchy about, so don't judge), I like doing roleplays, snuggling, video games, and YouTubing. I also enjoy My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

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Long Break · 8:57pm April 7th

It's been several months since I was last online, and no, I'm not dead, don't worry. I've just gotten into some new hobbies, like making a level in Project Arrhythmia (musical bullet hell game), counseling appointments, planning my jaw surgery, etc. I've just been SUPER busy and trying to work everything out. I'm so sorry I haven't posted in ages, but you know how it is - we get busy from time to time. I do still plan on posting stories if I can, considering everything that's going on,

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That's fine, but I'm not new.

It's still good to say hello to 2018 people such as myself. Just saying hi that's all.

I've been here for about a month.

Good luck new user and welcome to FIM Fiction.

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