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Who am I kidding? · 8:37am Aug 25th, 2014

I'm not as into ponies as I used to be. I probably won't be around very often. School and work.

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That means a lot, and I appreciate it deeply. Thank you. :heart:

That being said, I am currently undertaking a much bigger project; one that far outsizes any of the one-shots I've done. No, it's not pony related, but I'll feature some updates if things continue to go well.

Thank you for your encouragement.

- Corvus

895151 It's okay as long as you take care of your personal priorities.
After all I wouldn't want to tempt you to pony around when you have more important thinks to do.
Just wanted to let yo know you are awesome and you're a very nice chat company.:pinkiesmile:



I can't promise you that. :/

D-does this mean that you might come back?:pinkiesad2:

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