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The blender.
A tool that has very little use, yet is memorable for some reason.

Princess Luna.
A princess that has very little use, yet is memorable for some reason.

Luna does X stories.
A story type that is very stupid, but is done by everyone for some reason.

Can this all-powerful* alicorn princess use a simple* tool used by common* ponies, in a really not-cliche* story made by a really awesome** author?

(Cover art by me <3)

[**extremely ignorant]

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The main 6 are taking shelter in a bomb shelter with no light from an explosion apocalypse.

Quite ironical.

(Note: There is lots and lots of all-caps cussing. Don't blame me if your mommy doesn't like mean words and you get banned from playing Cawwadoody.)

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What happens inside the mind of Pinkie Pie? Why, it's a solitary confinement, with order and neatness.

Well, that was before the first sonic rainboom...

After that, well, everything just went downhill.

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I was in Equestria, and then I broke a Pinkie Promise.

I had to run for my dear life, since I was going to freaking die.

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(A parody of Evil Twilight stories)(One-shot)

Pinkie gets caught in one of Nightmare Moon's traps, and Nightmare Moon makes her be her loyal servant...

Well, not really. She's not exactly loyal nor is she a servant. Why? Because she's Pinkie.

Oh yeah, and Equestria is doomed.

(Featuring a poorly made cover image!)

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Please read the full story before thumbing down; there's something serious at the end, just so you know.

I make a crossover with this: http://en.flipnote.hatena.com/53B905C031C9F012@DSi/movie/C9F012_0B8E0A4EE4AD4_007

It's extremely stupid; that's the point. My body is ready for the bombardment of dislikes.
What started out as a little joke has turned into a full-blown series.
No, I am not continuing it. And yes, THIS IS A JOKE.

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I get sent to Equestria. Yay, very original. Well, I'm not exactly a pony. Am I at least something else that's cool? No. Am I at least something that's worthy of a story being made? No. Am I at least something alive? No. I'm a GOD DAMN ROCK.

Not only is this a parody of every HiE fic, it also explains my crazy theory of the same recurring rock. I also have a kind of grimdark ending that my screw-up mind came up with.

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Twilight finds a dusty book of Equestria's worst jokes. She learns many horrible jokes, including "I don't give a buck" jokes. She then ruins her life by using them.

Was originally going to be a one-shot, but it no longer is! Previously called "Twilight learns 'I don't give a buck' jokes", but since chapter 1 is no longer the only one, the name has been changed due to it no longer being one-shot.

It's over. There'll be no sequel. Got it?

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