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I'm a crazy that writes and reads stuff, mostly an anthro writer/reader though. I’m more active on Discord nowadays though.

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I was a pretty normal guy in freshman year. Had a few friends, liked to improvise songs based on events or surroundings, was a little dark, sometimes acted like I saw and heard things that weren’t real.

But all that changed when I was given that stupid ruby. I didn’t even want it! At least I can still sing.

Takes place after Rainbow Rocks.
Also takes place after Friendship Games.

Chapters (3)

Join Midnight Demon as she tries to understand why everyone remembers her while she has only existed since Camp Everfree and deals with Midnight Sparkle and Demon Sunset along with Gaea Everfree in her head, although the last one isn't a problem since (spoiler) she's dealt with in the first chapter.

My little pony will be involved in later chapters. The profanity is for some songs only. Actual talking with profanity would be above uncommon and below rare.

Chapters (3)

I was just doing my own business shopping when I woke up in Pinkie's bed as Zalgy Cake, Pinkie Pie's equinox counterpart. Turns out my spiritual energy is like a demon and my newest host is Pinkie, I take control when ever I want but I like to have Pinkie behind the wheel most of the time since I would get on everypony's bad side. Oh look another demon, be back later. I was starting to get bored by talking so much.

No music or anything of the kind is mine! Only this story and the world with it.

Chapters (9)

I was a human named ___ before being reborn as Eris, Discord's twin sister and one of The Chaos Twins, and I get to live a much better life than my previous one. After I get out of this blasted amulet that uses my power to do whatever the user wants, to a certain degree, without my will and it corrupts them since they aren't made to use or hold chaos magic!!!!

Warning: There will be the main character x Thorax later in the story. Along with maybe Fluttershy x Discord.

Chapters (8)

Not telling you anything since I don't remember who I was except I was a fan of this world named ___. Now I'm a vampire pony that can shape shift so I could get a meal and is able to use blood magic, which only vampires can use apparently, along with regular magic, as long as I have a horn. I also have a second set of memory's that are more dominate and is the whole reason I'm not yet caught. I like this new life better than my old one, at least according to what few emotions and memories I have of and about that life.

'Cancelled due to no longer able to write this story, sorry for those who liked it.'

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Hi name used to be ___. I go by the name of Shade. Anyway I was just at home and I finally decided to get an account in fimfiction.net, Taken-By-Insanity, and when I was done there was a flash of light, now I'm here in Griffin Stone at the edge of Equestria. How intriguing. Did I forget to mention I am now an anthro changeling queen by the looks of it. Also I am in that huge canyon that a huge skull and that super important goblet made of gold. Blood cupcakes sound nice right now....That was odd. Anyways I also seem to have a weakness to the light as well as order magic, which is luckily barely ever used.

(Image ain’t mine by the way. Nice job whoever made it.)

Chapters (12)
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