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This story is a sequel to Ghost Busting 3

After the fight with Eternal Rest, Kratus and Apple Bloom find themselves trapped in an unfamiliar dimension fortunately, they'll find an ally in their fight against Thanatos in the form of a familiar professor.

Alternate Universe version of this

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This story is a sequel to Ghost Busting 2

Months later, Kratus and Apple Bloom are invited to a hotel with their friends. But not all is as it seems for there's a darkness waiting to strike, this time they're not alone.

Alternate timeline to this

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This story is a sequel to Ghost Busting

After two years, Kratus returns to the alternate Equestria after given a mission by a friend to find a reason for feeling a pull towards it, and if necessary... eliminate it while united with an old ally who found her duty with another friend.

Alternate version of this story.

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This story is a sequel to Kratus' Logs

During a fight with an entity after a war, the Lord and Master of Shadows is sent to a familiar yet unfamiliar dimension.

Alternate version of Lucar's Apple Bloom's Mansion.

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Bionicle Crossover.

When Luna's banished, The Lord and Master of Shadows shall watch over her during and after.

Inspired by Nightmare Heir and other stories, updates times and chapter lengths may vary with occasional flashbacks.

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"These are my logs detailing the aftermath of the Great Crisis all the way to the War For Equestria and it's aftermath."
Makuta Kratus

There will be gaps between most logs due the "missing" logs being relatively minor and not important to the story itself as they're actually status updates on other things such as experiments and such, which no one wants to read a lot of those.

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