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Just someone who wants to share some story ideas that they have.

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Bright Miner is just a simple pony trying to survive in the wasteland. All that changes one day when he receives a mysterious message. Eager to rediscover his forgotten past he heads out. But he finds that getting the answers he so desperately craves might not be as easy as he thought.

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Shortly after the founding of Equestria, it came under attack by different monsters. Princess Luna responded by gathering a dozen of the best warriors of the land to combat the threat. Now three hundred years later, the Hunters Guild as it's known protect the land. This is one of its member's story.

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One morning Celestia invites her sister Luna to breakfast. Little does Luna know however, is that Celestia has something special planned for today.

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Winter Storm is a pegasus living in Fillydelphia. He's content with his life until he starts to wonder about his family. He goes in search of answers, but in the process finds out something unexpected.

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