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Herald was not much for friends back home, and is even more so in Equestria. It seems no one wants to talk with the weird thing from else where, but that doesn't stop one mare who has taken a liking to him after he helped her out of a bad spot. He does his best to patch her up, and later they try to take a minute to relax with some snacks. Herald hopes that this pony likes Wensleydale styled cheese and crackers, and perhaps a side of tea.

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"My Fellow Americans, it has come a time where we must finally act out against the evil empire of this world. Or more so, the evil pact that seeks to destroy democracy as we know it. The Changelings and the Soviet Union along with the Warsaw Pact of the Eastern Block. Now, though, I suppose we can call it the 'Whole' Block, as it seems to have become all that is bad to be blamed on the whole pact, and also that being in the sense of two meanings for 'hole'." Reagan, the man the myth, and the legend is to bring about the doom of the Changeling-Soviet Pact. The Rapture is upon them all. (Equestria is the equivalent of Great Britain in this one shot)
(AND YES, the image is done poorly for a reason, it's meant to be.)

Chapters (1)