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I'm just a silly guy who likes collecting stories of many types! (Open to chat, but working hard everyday so late replies! Fun for the family.)


Update again! · 9:13pm July 5th

So June has come and gone, and was well very busy! I'm halfway through chapter 2, so PRAYING it'll be done this month, stay tuned for more!

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Update! · 8:10am May 22nd

Second chapter is hopefully going to be longer and more in depth. If not, expect it mid June, or end of that month.

Thank you for your patience!

Also! Around that time I will possible be asking for a commission for a cover art. If you know someone who can provide, I'd be more than willing to negotiate!

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Happi :) · 7:51am May 20th

First Chapter....

{ B O O M }

Done-zo. It was rather late coming, and made quickly off a few thoughts to give background, but hopefully it gives the basis of whats needed and a good hook for the story if the prelude didn't! Enjoy, and let me know of any feedback, or on any errors/typos made!

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Guess whose back...(part something???) · 4:42am May 20th

Alright folks. I think its time to actually work on WotC once again....or at least before writers block kicks in, and work picks up heavily again! No promises, but I'll do my absolute best to work on Ch. 1 for the remainder of this month into the middle of next month with hopefully good results and little to no errors in it lol.

Anyways, take care to all who read and care, and hope to produce something worth reading for a bit.



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Where has it all gone? · 5:03am Aug 18th, 2022

It has been some time. I took a long need hiatus, and still may continue it. A lot has happened, and still continues to. If I continue writing War of the Crowns, itll be a bi-weekly update if time permits. I don't know who will see this, but small things from a very small writer!

All who see this, have a great day/night, and do better than yesterday.

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Ladies and Gentlemen... · 8:46am Dec 16th, 2020

I'm somewhat back! I have been in high spirits as of late, either in my caffinated high or my recent progress in life, and plan to maybe just maybe, and no guarentees, make a sequel to "Wensleydale, Miss?". If you havn't read it, I'll have it tagged. Please give it a read, enjoy it, and if not that's a-okay! (I don't expect everyone to like all stories posted!)

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Alright, This is Epic · 5:34am Sep 23rd, 2020

So I havn't exactly been myself lately, and that's tributing to a lot of local and domestic things at home. Just tonight, a stray pitbull had wondered up to us, and looked starved. Like his ribs could be rattled like a xylophone and be perfectly tuned too. Turns out, it's our neighbor's doggo, and well we have no intent on giving him back. We fed, watered, loved, and yes spoiled this humongous baby on our front porch with a few toys.(reason for being on the porch is he didn't like the fenced

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Opinions? · 7:02pm Jul 13th, 2020

Matthew 5:44-45. Many of you might not be religious, read the bible, or really know what it is, but I highly encourage reading this one, singular thing from it. It has always been a virtue I look to whenever I first came across it, and still holds true. Though many may hold hate in their hearts today, bless them and shout them blessing even when they spit in your face. Turn the hand of evil away and look to something so much greater in every situation. If you only seek bad, you'll get just

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Buildin' a Story! · 9:53am Jun 28th, 2020

Gotta move that gear up!

Fellas, this story was torn down from top to foundation, and now said foundation is redone. This is just part one of the rewrite reconstruction progress, but progress IS being made! So...

Prelude [] Done

Chapter One [X] Working on it! :eeyup:

Chapter Two [X]

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Alrighty! · 4:23am Jun 14th, 2020

Alrighty ye wee shites, construction and repairs on my story War of the Crowns is on the way! Hopefully the Council approves it, otherwise it'll be another ded fic. D.E.D. Ded.

Anyways, I thought the story could REALLY use a touch up, so that's a thing next on my list of "To Do". Until I turn the Under Construction to Green, it'll be unplubished. Sorry for such delays!:scootangel:

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