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All about steampunk · 4:26pm June 8th

Hello everyone, NorthCrusader here.

I hope you enjoyed Pie of Madness. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s a retelling of the Batman comic “The Killing Joke” by Alan Moore, with Mare Do Well in place of Batman and Pinkie Pie as the Joker. I had fun writing it, and since I’m a fan of Mr. Moore’s work, I hope I get to do more stuff like that. So read Pie of Madness if you haven’t already.

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My name is NorthCrusader, and I'm just a guy who writes imaginary stories based on a children's animated series about little technicolor ponies and is very proud of it. I like to write interesting stories, no matter the genre, and I always strive to be great, but I like to have fun sometimes. Some are silly, exciting, heartbreaking, and scary, and I hope you have a great time reading them.

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  • The Spirit of Loyalty Rainbow Dash meets her untimely demise when she creates the greatest sonic rainboom the world has ever seen, and her friends learn to cope with loss and while others continue her legacy. by NorthCrusader 52,710 words · 1,645 views · 193 likes · 19 dislikes
  • The Pickle Jar With no way to open a pickle jar, Princess Celestia assembles the strongest ponies in Equestria. by NorthCrusader 2,311 words · 1,101 views · 133 likes · 3 dislikes

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You are welcome! Can't wait to dive into your stories. :twilightsmile:

Wait...is that Wishbone as your profile pic?



Your avatar and quote brought me so much nostalgia...

You deserve a follow.

Thanks for the watch!!!

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