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Matthew Penn

I write imaginary stories about cartoon horses.

My name is Matthew Penn (formerly known as NorthCrusader), and I'm just a guy who writes imaginary stories based on a children's animated series about little technicolor horses and is very proud of them. I like to write interesting stories, no matter the genre, and I always strive to be great, but I like to have fun sometimes. Some are silly, exciting, heartbreaking, and scary, and I hope you have a great time reading them.

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Too many notes, not enough rests · 12:14am Last Wednesday

I'm posting this blog to let everyone know I'm still here, and I'm not going anywhere. I've been busy with my job and other real life things that I haven't had time to write anything. I was planning to publish a one-shot this month but I decided to cancel it, the reason being is that I didn't like writing it, nor was I emotionally engaged in the story. If I'm not enjoying what I'm writing, then the audience won't enjoy reading it.

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You are welcome! Can't wait to dive into your stories. :twilightsmile:

Wait...is that Wishbone as your profile pic?




Your avatar and quote brought me so much nostalgia...

You deserve a follow.

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