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A Young Norwegian Brony who loves Music, pop culture. Creative and have a love for music and literature.

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I'll be leaving · 5:26pm Last Friday

By the title of this blog post, no I am not leaving FimFic, I am just going to take a little break from the website, so I will be gone for a while. I just need to set myself in the world more, hang out with friends a little more and continue on other stuff. There are things I really want to do in the world, I am even trying to write a book but I can't really finish writing it. I feel like this website is a huge distraction for me, so I will be leaving this website for a little while. And when I

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deeed22 #58 · Sunday · · 1 ·

[url=I%27ll]https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/842494/ill-be-leaving]I%27ll be leaving

By Orionspark21
So I guess that would translates to: I'm going to change the name of my alt and jump on that instead until everyone forgets about me ever being in the wrong or my methodology of deleting threads and comments to hide the truth and/or switching sides when it becomes apparent that I'm in the wrong.
As of the time of this writing, Orionspark21 renamed his "Shatter-wing" alt to "Sky-shatter" and is online on that. No one is surprised.

We know, you cannot escape.

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Thanks for the follow. :heart:

Sorry, I've just been having a lot of trouble with it, but it will come back with another story but keeps the concept.

What happened tom bumbleshy?

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