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A secret Norwegian Brony with Asperger's Syndrome who loves to write, loves Music, pop culture fan. Creative and have a love for music and literature.

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Equestria Prime Robots In Disguise · 3:32pm July 8th

There will be a new chapter for Equestria Prime Robots In Disguise, but I need a lot of writing to get it done. It's kinda like how a showrunner make a script for an episode and it takes a lot of effort and thinking to make it so Chapter 1 More Then Meets The Eye is still coming and it's going to introduce us to the human cast I have planned for this fanfiction which is kind of a reboot of the old Equestria Prime.

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Okay, because i had an OC you could use

Cool, so what cameo will i have in the next Flash chapter?

I will shoutout your thing because you are the best man and I'm excited to see what you write.

You might make a cameo in the next flash chapter

(If you cameo me use the description I give in Beyblade metal friendship for the master but I have brown eyes and call me Doctor pls, the way my dark side Master takes control is explained in how the doctor takes control)

But I am excited because I'm excited for what you do in the future and I am writing the new flash chapter as I write this right now

  • Viewing 8 - 12 of 12
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