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Ever since he was a kid, Timber Spruce knew moving on was never easy.

But he didn’t expect it to be so hard.

Trigger warning for family loss and (vague) homophobia. Takes place post-EQG.

Characters in this fanfiction are humanised with ethnicities, hence the usage of some non-English languages (but it's not that much). Spoiler in the comments.

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After confessing her feelings to Flash Sentry and discovering he returns them, they try something. A couple of weeks into their, well, relationship, Twilight Sparkle finds a prompt generator, normally used for fanfiction. Because of these new developments, she puts her name with Flash Sentry’s and sees what it generates for her.

What comes up catalyses a few turns in their relationship.

Takes place in the new year following Holidays Unwrapped with a few canon alterations. Characters are humanised with natural skintones but it's not massively relevant. Cover art by me!

Written for FlashLight Week 2022, Day 4: Brave. It is also LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, so I couldn't help but sprinkle in some bisexuality.

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While Flash Sentry waits for Rarity to work on his outfit for a performance, Pinkie Pie asks to put makeup on him.

Also known as, just best friends being the best of friends.

This is just a short little thing I did for practice. This teeters on the line between Everyone and Teen but I am currently keeping it on Teen.

Happy Bi Visbility Month!

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Flirting is pretty much one of the few things Timber Spruce can say he excels at. But when he starts crushing on a certain blue-haired musician, he doubts his flirting skills are even that good.

Especially when the boy he’s crushing on has some tricks of his own.

This is canon compliant to the EQG continuity, but despite that, the characters are humanised.

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