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"Cute, adorable, naive, and easily mislead by human nature" Sound like all good reasons to visit Equestria!


From the "Quite Interesting" Twitter channel · 8:45am Mar 4th, 2019

All formations on Saturn's moon Titan must be named for places in Lord of the Rings or Dune. Everything on Jupiter's moon Io must be fire-themed (or related to Dante's Inferno). Places on Pluto's moon Charon must be named for fictional space expeditions.

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First time movie watches I enjoyed so far this year. · 11:01pm Mar 3rd, 2019

All movie synopses are copied from IMDB.

The Phantom Carriage (1921 Swedish film) -
On New Year's Eve, the driver of a ghostly carriage forces a drunken man to reflect on his selfish, wasted life.

The Phantom Of The Opera (1925 Universal adaptation with Lon Chaney Sr) -
A mad, disfigured composer seeks love with a lovely young opera singer.

The Testament Of Dr. Mabuse (1933 German film directed by Fritz Lang) -

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Quote on Humanity I love. · 1:32am Feb 27th, 2019

'What is it about humans that urges them seek out so many endeavors in order to feed their desires? Greed, power, family, friends, philosophy, knowledge; infinite goals and infinite reasons behind them. Whoever or whatever created these beings are either cunning; to create self motivating creatures that will constantly push the limits of what's possible, or downright cruel; never truly allowing them to feel true fulfillment or satisfaction. The point is humans were created with a void, a

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Four Favorite Films All-Time · 3:19am Feb 21st, 2019

What are your four favorite films of all-time?

Mine are:
Halloween (1978)
The Thing (1982)
Ghostbusters (1984)
Zootopia (2016)

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Heavenly shades of night are falling · 12:08pm Feb 9th, 2019

"Twilight Time" by The Platters is a perfect song.

Link to the tune

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RIP Dick Miller · 2:35am Jan 31st, 2019

The king of character actors has died at age 90.

His career is a long list of genre films I like or love.

"A Bucket Of Blood", the original "The Little Shop Of Horrors", "White Line Fever", the original 70s "Piranha" film, "Gremlins", "The Terminator", "Chopping Mall", "Night Of The Creeps", and "Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight".


Music Recommendations · 12:53pm Jan 21st, 2019

Adam Jensen - The Hunter
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Save My Soul
Blues Saraceno - Carry Me Back Home
Blues Saraceno - Dogs Of War
Blues Saraceno - The River
Brother Dege - Too Old To Die Young
Hozier - Arsonist's Lullaby
Hozier - In The Woods Somewhere
Lord Huron - When The Night Is Over
Nick Nolan - Life Of Sin
Nick Nolan - My Wicked Bones
Rumjacks - The Pot & Kettle
The Heavy Horses - Hell Awaits
The Heavy Horses - Pale Rider
Valley Of Wolves - Chosen One

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