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Back in the Saddle Again! · 1:48am October 5th

A great big cowpony howdy to all of you! It's been quite a time since I've last logged in. This has been a busy, and productive, time. Despite early mornings and late nights, I really can't complain. This cowpony's saddle bags are packed full of notes and plot descriptions for new stories, and a few songs, I'm looking to get working on soon. In the meantime, please enjoy the stories I've posted thus far. Questions, comments? Feel free to leave them. And as usual, if you have any critiques,

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The Quest for the Thunder Stone of Tlaloc

Inspired by Daring Do, I designed an audio adventure with a friend about two treasure hunters who go in search of the Thunder Stone of the Aztec god, Tlaloc. I've considered developing a Daring Do adaptation for Fimfiction. Get your pith helmets, fedoras, and whips, and click the link to join the quest. Hope you all enjoy!

The Quest for the Thunder Stone of Tlaloc

The Hero's Journey

I'm not such a stranger to mythology, fairy tales, and Old West legends. Most follow a pattern called the Hero's Journey. This video describes the main parts of the Hero's Journey using clips from various Friendship is Magic episodes and Marvel movies.

Adventure is calling... Are you ready?

The Hero's Journey

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Thank you! I'm happy you like Saddle Song. I'm still trying to figure out what his cutie mark will be. Some ideas include a saddle on a music staff with a treble clef and a bass clef on either side, two horseshoes making a guitar body and a fret board to complete the guitar, and a guitar and treble clef in an X shape.

In the spirit of singing cowboys, Saddle Song can't go without yodeling!

I'm also happy you've been enjoying these cowboy ballads. I hope that Saddle Song will pay tribute to both those who originally sang the songs and those who keep them alive for new generations.

I love this idea! I already love Saddle Song the Singing Cowpony. I would love to see you bring him to life in this story of yours and how you would bring him to life. Go for it, my friend!

Also, I'm loving all of these songs you are linking. Thanks so much for sharing them all!

No worries!

By the way, I've been tossing around some ideas for a new story inspired by Old West ballads. I've created a new original character, Saddle Song the Singing Cowpony, who is based off of singing cowboy film stars from the 1930s and 1940s, particularly Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.

Another inspiration comes from Riders In The Sky, a group who is working to keep the songs of the sage and the silver screen alive for new generations, and have celebrated their 40th anniversary this past November. This is their rendition of one of the most famous cowboy songs, which not only named the band, but is also based on an old legend of a place called Stampede Mesa.

Please let me know what you think.

You are most welcome! My apologies in leaving such a late reply.

And I can definitely understand now why you find that era so fascinating. It really was quite an exciting time. Here's to the bards and the troubadours who keep them alive indeed!

Many thanks for the follow!
In response to your question, the Old West is perhaps my favorite historical era. Cowboy ballads, for me, paint a picture of that era. I can see the prairies, towns, characters, whether real or fantasy, like Billy the Kid or Pecos Bill. The stories and histories they tell are beautifully told. They are simple melodies, but part of their beauty, I think, comes from their simplicity. It's great to see them continued to be passed down. Here's to the bards and the troubadours who keep them alive!

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