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The soul is driven by experience and experience is the drive of life.

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Free Styling Fun · 7:32pm January 24th

So from the views on each chapter to the story over all, I'm glad people like this story. If you are concerned about where the story is going I only have a threat for the story and ideas for where the main character goes day to day. That's it. Beyond that, I'm more free styling the chapters instead of working backwards from an idea even if it sticks in my head, since that makes the chapter boring or forced. Granted there will still be plot twists but, again, they'll be free styled and they

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You're welcome.

No problem. I like where you're taking it. And thank you for welcoming me.

Thank you for favouring 'BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony' and welcome to FIMfiction.:pinkiehappy:

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