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welcome to my bit of the internet, where i have no idea what im doing. (kinda)

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The rulers have been overrun, and now in near exile, the former princess of the night must team up with someone that has no idea what it is or where it's from.

A Kamen Rider W crossover.

Chapters (1)

Duke Winters had a rather dull life, no family, not too many friends, and certainly no children. But one fateful day, he fell into Equestria and was given the task of raising six alicorn foals, foretold to save their land. Now armed with a disguise, an extended lifespan, and the lessons that his parents taught him, will he raise these foals and protect them? Or will he flop like the failure that he thinks he will be?

Chapters (7)

so what happens when your the last human to still be "living", and you end up in a world with residents that look like the ones who invaded your world?

An unofficial sequel of sorts to The Snuggle Fics! (A Collection Of Snuggly Goodness) by Zamairiac. This story would probably make more sense if you read that first.

Chapters (2)
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