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Hasbro has more leaks than my faucet..... they should fix it


Fallout dude 50 is coming back · 2:15am Nov 2nd, 2019


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Thank you fro following me!

Heh. I didn't notice how old that message was until now. XD

Too late I beat him already about a month ago

Basically, learn his attack patterns. The Carousel is probably the hardest attack to get the pattern for, right next to his "Chaos Bomb" attack where he throws all four suits at you. Devil's Knife, for instance, always lands in the same place every time, so it becomes a matter of just evasion.

Like Mini said, defending Ralsei is a big point of this strategy. Ralsei will help keep you healed and alive. I got through the whole fight without "Twirling" as Kris; I primarily defended to build up TP for Ralsei's healing and Hypnosis, which is what you should be using every time Ralsei doesn't need to heal and TP isn't hilariously low.

Manage your TP so you always have room for a big heal, if it's needed. Healing items should be saved for Ralsei, or extremely dangerous situations. Susie's only purpose in a Pacifist Run is to be alive for Hypnosis and defending to build TP. There is no shame in defending with everyone and just buffing TP as well; just play safe and only use it when healing isn't needed.

It'll take time, patience, and practice, but I managed to beat Jevil on my third try using this strategy.

I forgot.... but what I do know is that GIVE RALSEI THE MOST PROTECTIVE SHIT AND ALWAYS PROTECT HIM..... also the hit boxes on jevils attacks are kinda small.

  • Viewing 58 - 62 of 62
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