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Most stories will be based around Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Sci-Twi, and Scootaloo! Also a W.I.T.C.H fic writer on Fanfiction.net(Same username)


This story is a sequel to Twilight Daylight: The Cold War

After returning to reality from Narmeelah's Time Pocket, Dawn and a handful of creatures witnessed a battle for magic with Twilight "Arcadia Nova" Sparkle, Saviour of Psera at the helm. Psera's military was damaged, ponies now lie dead in the streets of Equestria. Dawn was too late to put a stop to a war between her and the rest of the world.

Twilight Sparkle, the most powerful pony to ever exist, the creator of spells, mistress of the elements, and role model to millions, now awaits her sentencing for crimes against ponykind.

But a threat looms over Equus. A threat that Dawn herself has seen. A threat that will destroy all of ponykind unless Arcadia Nova is released. They won't do it. Only she remains.

But what is she to do? With her father, King Shimmering Madun dead, and her mother Queen Arcadia betraying the world, Dawn is left in limbo alone. Her home untrustworthy for her safety and Equestria refusing to engage with anything to do with Arcadia...

How can she save Equus?

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When a huge and startling event unleashes something inside of Scootaloo that even she didn't know she had, an investigation is started by Princess Twilight, enlisting the help of the other princesses, the Equestria Girls, and another.......person.

Secrets and pasts wished to be forgotten are once again brought to the surface. Action follows along. And possibly romance.

*A year after the end of S7.
*One instance of death.
*Gets Dark In Later Chapters. You have been warned.

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Twilight has always been the mare to go to when you have a situation. But what happened if no one looked to her for help anymore? Her sole purpose was to help ponies and give them information. That's why she loved the library. But......what now? Now that the traffic's stopped, the others , her friends, don't even talk to her when she expresses her concerns. Along with lies and things that have gone untold about her.

What now......that her sole purpose is gone?

P.S. Not too depressing, but you sure are in for a shocker! Includes action, adventure, and Family as well!

Has been updated to a Teen Rating due to sexual references in later chapters

After Season Seven

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Rainbow has a lot of things going for her. And she should. She has friends, family, she's one of the Elements of Harmony, and she has her best friend Fluttershy. But what would happen.......if they all didn't want to be around her anymore? Even Fluttershy?

*P.S. Twilight is not a princess in this, even though it is after season seven. Just thought I'd put that in there.*

How do you guys like my new cover? I think it looks great and portrays the image of the main character very well! Tell me what you think in a comment!

URGENT AS OF MARCH 28th, 2018!!! Read Here NOW!!!

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***Currently In Final Edits! This Tag Will Be Removed Once Completely Finished!***

Scootaloo isn't what she thinks she is. She was never what she though she was. And it all began on her tenth birthday. Bat wings, hunger, and pain is all that this filly knows now. And what does Rainbow Dash and Princess Celestia have to do with this?

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Princess Celestia huffed as she flew as fast as she could to the meeting place, located in Cloudsdale, a little ways above and near Ponyville. She held the bundle she was carrying with extreme caution with a face of desperation, determined to get it there on time.

Her small alicorn form landed on the nearest cloud before looking behind her, seeing a small rainbow light coming right behind her, following her trail.

"Shoot," she muttered before running forward again. She huffed loudly as she ran through the dark streets of the mobile city made of condensed water vapor that will never fall. The princess of the Sun looked down at the bundle in her right hoof as it began to move before looking back up again.

Soon, after mixing her trail, she arrived at the meeting place, where two ponies, a stallion and a mare, were waiting patiently.

"She is on my trail," Princess Celestia huffed as she came to a stop in front of them. "You know what you must do." The stallion nodded quickly before she continued. "Same hair color. Make it work for as long as you can, no matter what."

"Of course," he said desperately.

"All you have to do is make sure she is happy," the princess told the mare. "Make sure she lives her life and suspects nothing. I will return when she is ready for the truth of her origin and purpose."

"Yes, your highness," the mare responded. Celestia nodded before hearing the faint roar of her pursuer coming closer. She looked back down and lifted the covers to reveal a small foal asleep, snuggled against the softness of the blanket. She smiled as a tear escaped her eye before she leaned down and kissed the foals forehead, nuzzling her rainbow colored mane.

"I will return, my daughter. My Rainbow Dash."

(Currently in the midst of starting off the series. If I work hard enough, the story will be finished as early as by the end of next month!)

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