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there is a difference between who you are and who you choose to be.

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What would it be like if the world of MLP was futuristic and more 'science is magic' based? (though friendship is also still magic) the 'science is magic' term is just more... literal.

Snap on your jetpacks and lets go explore this shiny new world! :pinkiehappy:

The si-fi is more subtle than you will probably expect, but is still there.

futuristic like mlp world with a different approach to a lot of things.

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What if Twilight got a little too ambitious and slightly over excited when she gets an idea about that time travel spell Starlight used?

What if she used the elements of harmony in a foolish attempt to power a modified version of said time travel spell?

What if she wanted to find out how the alicorns came into existence?

(I’ll do my best to make the grammar bearable.)

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