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there is a difference between who you are and who you choose to be.


hm · 2:00pm Jul 12th, 2018

hm, what about a series of stories about individual universes where each of the mane six become celestias students as foals instead of twilight... I'll have to try this... if only it was easier to write 1000 words.

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darn brain too creative for it's own grumble grumble grumble · 12:10am Jun 24th, 2018

boy, I have too many ideas and not enough motivation to finish any of them. :fluttercry: ugh, back to writing stuff and hoping chapter ideas will come to mind.

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probably to only thing I'll ever blog here · 2:22am Apr 12th, 2018

If you dislike something I have written, don't just leave a dislike and run off! :raritystarry: I would LOVE to ask you why you disliked it and if there was any way for me to improve it! did it read a little too rushed? was their a terrible amount of spelling mistakes? did the ponies feel too out of character? Did the story go in a direction you didn't like or weren't expecting?

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