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I've been cut by thee. Till this day, I bleed. A bride never to be. A groom never to see. Cruel fate, created by me. Arrogance was my sin. Not ever to listen. Now never to win. Tis, truly our fin?

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Poems are art.
And art is an 💥!

I've been feeling down today. I don't know why. Well, I keep telling myself there's no reason why. The truth is love hurts. Why deny it?

You don't ever know how good you have it until life gives you a sharp pointy boot up your :twilightsheepish:.

When you're feeling down, turn that smile upside down!

That is why-
I work for myself and for my future. I set the line for my final destination. Anything is possible with the right amount of hard work and continues dedication!
Whoever you are, you are important to this world, so show those naysayers who you are! Fear is for the weak! Bravado is for the foolish. Respect set boundaries and simply DO IT!

I've been reading books on how to better myself as a person.
Boundaries are key! Always respect yourself. Don't you dare disrespect others!

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Nah, that just means that the story was a beautiful work enriched by pure love and sentimental value, but it was also a bit of a personal pity party. The "show" was what my ex used to call the portion of our lives that we spent together. I'm just poetic, sorry for the misunderstanding.

OK. For a second there, I thought you said something completely different by "the curtains are prepping to close".

Yes, you know what. Why not. I honestly enjoy it. And I have a few ideas. They won't be as heart-felt though. The will be more like the anime Shiki. In terms of writing.

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