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"I pull up, hop out, air out - made it look sexy." - Kendrick Lamar


I wrote a thing · 6:04am Last Wednesday

What began as a favor for a friend soon devolved into a beautiful mess. The story is already mostly done. Expect normal updates in the future. And sorry if I come off a bit rusty with this one, it's been awhile.

Pone safely kids,


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Thanks for the follow!

Comment posted by rainbowdashman deleted Aug 10th, 2016

2263061 Thank you for the compliment! I hope I live up to it. That's why I started writing in the first place. I wanted to see big, buff, bad-ass females and futas being wrestled and dominated by bigger, buffer males (and occasionally not bigger/buffer, like Comet in Nurse Appreciation Every Day) without it turning completely dark, and I just couldn't find it anywhere. Especially not with loving, fun relations afterwards. Always been big into kink and consent, especially chain kink-- the switches in the middle still very dom and loving with their subs, but get some time with someone else doing the heavy lifting and scenework above.

And the occasional a bit less consensual stuff for fantasy moments. >.> Poor Mac certainly isn't asked when he's ambushed.

I hope you'll enjoy and I've slotted Ch25 for Hunting Season to be my next one to come out, just for you. ^^;; I hope it proves interesting; should be out on the 6th.

Oh wow, maledom fighting? I think you just turned into my favorite clop author! I love a little maledom every now and then, but, in the context of my particular fetish, it's very rare. Probably cause it's not very popular.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your work. I don't think I'll be disappointed :rainbowkiss:

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