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In their latest adventure, Twilight and her friends are brought aboard a space ship to play a simple little game. Complete all the tasks that're given to them before they reach their unknown destination. Simple, right? Well, there's a catch. One of them is a killer. Let the game begin.

A crossover of the game Among Us with a little added flare by yours truly.

Don't own the game, just the memories

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For Queen Chrysalis, the end seemed near. Defeat after defeat at the hooves of her enemies had left her tired and desperate while her army of once thousands reduced to a mere several dozen. Surrounded, it seemed that utter defeat was inevitable. But she was a proud changeling queen, she wouldn't go down that easy. She still had one last trick up her hoof. A Portal...to another world. And through that portal, she entered a world of new wonders, of new dangers, and to her surprise and utter shock, a world of giants.

For Rick Mason, life was alright. He had a nice house, a decent job, and two awesome dogs. What else could a guy ask for? Tiny talking alien bug horses? ...Well it's not like he wasn't asking for them.

Amazing art was made by: xxkrutoy

All references, mentioned or otherwise, belong to their owners respectively.

8/30/20 Featured?! Well I'll be, thanks a bunch folks! I really appreciate the love.

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