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Konnichiwa Minna!! You can call me Yuri.Have a Nice day.I’m a TwiDash and Twibra fan

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The mane six have been worrying about something and can't figured it out for some reason.Then, holiday comes out and they don't know when do they have to gather altogether to plan their gatherings for the night.Little did they know that they've been worrying about the ones that is in front of them all along.

P.S.- Slow update

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The main six as a toy in a selling store.

Rainbow has a tingling feelings for Twilight,but afraid to approach her.

Then something happened.

This is a free verse style poem dedicated for all the readers and lovers out there.

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I will save you no matter what’

but it hurts

Revenge is not the key to solve the situation

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Im Twilight Sparkle
17 years old
Unpopular in CHS, but in Wattpad I’m a popular writer, it’s just they don’t know my pen name and (even though I saved them from Sunset, I’m not that popular.Because I’m new here,of course)

But in Wattpad story, I’m popular as an author.I go by the pen name “ILoveLilies”. No one knows except me.

Hopeless romantic? Yes.I have a crush who’s not reading any kind of books especially Wattpad app that became trending this season.But I just woke up in the morning,knowing that my crush is finding the mysterious writer of the novel.

What will I do if my crush found out? Will that ruin my name? What will happen if the whole Campus especially my friends found out? My crush don’t need to know that it’s love interest is none other than me.

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Twilight’s year gone wrong.Both her and her friends teleported in a different world.What could possibly go wrong? Will they ever make it back?

There’s only one way to find out

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Pinkie is bored, the only thing she could do all day is to Make puns.But what if her jokes takes too far than they expected?

And I If were you it’s the worst.

I put a sex tag but I did not write that the characters in here really did . There are just words that mean sex.I just put it for the other people who’s going to read this for warning.It’s hard to explain it but it’s for you to find out.

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Twilight is having fun reading and trying her New magic lesson until Heart’s Warming Eve.When she heard her friends talking about their plans,she felt something is missing.

What is she going to do when something happen to her before the holiday? Will her parents accept her? Will her friends help her?

There is only one way to find out if you read this story.

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Since she came in Ponyville,I can’t help but to feel infatuated to her.What is happening to me? I have a few crushes in Cloudsdale including Fluttershy but my feeling about her is quite different.Please Rarity help me,I’m not a kind of pony who’s into fru fru stuff especially when it is mushy.Eww gross! This is my diary and this is the reason why I am happy today

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