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I like Ponies and Fallout.


New Story · 5:08am February 14th

Hey guys.
Just wanted to say that I am developing a new story that is much shorter than the one Im working on right now.
It'll come out in a few days.

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Listen mate, I dont have to explain myself.
My reasoning in logical in all scenarios: YOU SEEM LEGIT.
Be happy and stop worrying about it.

I haven't written a single story, I don't blog, rarely comment, and often find stories I want to read but forget too... :twilightsheepish:

While I may seem legit as I am active very often, I am not a social butterfly... :fluttershysad:

So... I still don't understand... :unsuresweetie:

You seem legit.

Why do you people follow me?! :facehoof:

I don't deserve it! :fluttercry:

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