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lorrl, because you're worthless.


Luna saw you have a dream where you had sex with her, and with roundabout logic thinks that means you actually had sex with her, and she tries to court you.

You don't even remember the dream. You just woke up with a boner.

Collab with B_25.

Chapters (1)

Twilight and friends freak out when they hear that a stallion lives alone in the Everfree. They want to "bring him to safety" (and possibly herd with them). He wants to stay as far away from them as possible. When he runs for the hills, he knows they'll follow.

What he doesn't expect is that they'll continue to follow, and follow, and follow...

Very bad RGRE. Don't treat this like actual RGRE, because this is a hot mess.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Floof is for Snuggles

Excited at the prospect of snuggling with Twilight, Rainbow decides to floof herself up in preparation.

Instead, she unknowingly releases World War Floof among the citizens of Ponyville.

Co-authored with An Intricate Disguise.
Proofread (and author of the original) by The Abyss.

Chapters (1)

Pinkie and Applejack both find themselves interested in Anon, so they fight for his affection. With food.

RGRE story.

Chapters (1)
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